Yagnika Peetham – Dharmika Seva Samstha



Sriman P.T.G.S. Kishore Swamy had joined, Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy Ashramam 1st batch, at the age of 8 years in Jaggayyapet, Krishna Dist. After the completion of his studies in Ashramam, he established an Organization in the name of “Yagnikapeetham”


The foundation of Hindu Dharma or Sanatan Dharma is Gomata or the cows. In earlier days the wealth of a person was measured by how many cows (gau-dhan) he had. According to Vastu-Shastra, all vastu dosh is corrected in a house where cow is living. Cow is considered to be the mother, most loving entity. Cows are considered as Mother of all creatures.


With an aim to preach and spread the dharma pracharam, established an organization with the name “Yagnikapeetham.” Specialized in Sri Pancharatra Agama Sastra, Smartha & Jyothisha Sastra. Helping the poor Brahmins by providing Food, Shelter and Vedik Education in the Yagnikapeetham at free of cost.

Vaidika Patashala (School)

Shreeman Shri PTGS Kishoracharya Swamiji has been marching ahead by running the Vaidika Patashalas to spread the holy knowledge of Vedas, Agamas, Smartha and Jyotisha (Astrology) and has been performing Graha Hayagreeva Yagnas for the sake of providing real-time knowledge for students undergoing Vaidika Training.


For conveying the wishes of humankind directly with deities, Yagnas and Homas are main means. Hence to perform such holy Homas, a big Yagnashala is made available with all amenities.

Online Pooja Kendram (Online Pooja Center)

For those who cannot personally attend Poojas / Utsavas can participate in such Sevas in online mode through anytime anyplace access.